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Financial Action

We are an advisory company for personal loans and insurance. We work with different banks, cooperatives and finance companies in the country. We work nationally. We consolidate debts and bad references.

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AFS Association Intercultural Programs

International student exchange to and from Panama. English courses in the UK and Canada.

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Pliny Benavides


Technology and digital marketing company based in USA, India, Nicaragua and Panama.

Contact person:
Richard Williams


Technological platform that manages the process of transportation/distribution of land cargo through the connection between carriers/cargo operators

Contact person:
Luis Mora Riquelme

Consemar Group

Maritime Inspection Company, Consulting, Training and Crew Recruitment Agency

Contact person:
Capt. Francis Rivas

Conzultek Centroamerica SA

We are a company dedicated to improving business productivity since 2001.

Contact person:
Lourdes Andara


Development and implementation of innovative technologies for the sustainable economic development of Latin American countries.

Contact person:
John Joseph Pimento

Dräger Panama Comercial S. de RL

Dräger is a leading international company in the fields of medical and safety technology. Since 1889, Dräger products have been protecting and saving lives.

Contact person:
Marianela Burgos


Decontamination of interior spaces with ozone gas for schools, offices, hotels, restaurants and homes

Contact person:
Doralis Andrion


Digital Marketing Agency, specialized in Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Web Design and more.

Contact person:
Eric Wagner

FDC Solutions SA

SAP Consulting Company based in Panama and availability of professional services in Central and South America.

Contact person:
Reibel Torres / Diagnoris Brito

Ferdinand Simmons

Independent lawyer

Contact person:
ferdinand simmons


Foundation for the Development of Social Capital

Contact person:
Livia Ambulo

smart people

Human Development, Team Building, Conferences, Workshops and Seminars, Culture, organizational climate and strategic planning, development of commercial teams, coaching and consulting in human resources

Contact person:
Juan Carlos Jaramillo

Gloria López Consultora

Empresa de Consultoría para procesos y sub procesos de Recursos Humanos y Coaching Organizacional y de Vida

Contact person:
Gloria López Hayer

Go Business Inc.

Digital Business Automation Consulting

Contact person:
Ramon David Sifuentes

Agency Chart

Marketing and digital advertising agency, specialists in performance marketing, that is, sales results for our clients.

Contact person:
Manuel Baruco

PESA Group

Technology and Innovation Consultants

Contact person:
Javier Suarez

Engineering and Specialized Solutions SAS

Provision of services in the field of Engineering, especially in operations related to specialized consultancy.

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JAKALA Iberia Marketing Services, SLU

Retail marketing company with more than 30 years in the international market, specializing in loyalty campaigns that connect its best customers emotionally.

Contact person:
Arturo Faccini

Jhonathan Santos & Aosociados

Law firm specializing in Corporate Law, Real Estate, Entrepreneurship, Litigation (Civil and Criminal), Commercial Law and Investments.

Contact person:
Jhonathan E. Santos Fieujean

Kvalue Technology Panama SA

Data governance and management processes based on SAP Analytics solutions and other products.

Contact person:
Omar Lopez

Mr. Luis A. Chifundo A.

Consultations and legal litigation.

Contact person:
Luis A. Chifundo

MOKA Worldwide, Inc.

Lifestyle PR Agency

Contact person:
Maria Alexandra Fernandez

Mr JJ Art

Illustrator and creative

Contact person:
Juan José Arciniega G.


Freight transport insurance advisors with solutions for coverage and risk assessment in freight transport

Contact person:
Jose Luis Martin

Parnther Lawyers | Attorneys

Legal services

Contact person:
Mayrolis Parnther

PMFC Accounting Services

Professional accounting and auditing services, financial advice and the like.

Contact person:
Patsy M. Frias Cervantes

Pro Global Consulting, Inc.

business consulting

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We generate and disseminate knowledge, we strengthen the culture of safety, health, hygiene and ideal environment. We provide advice, training and develop integrated management systems.

Contact person:
Paul Ochoa

Search Latin America

Firm of solutions for Human Resources, we operate throughout CA, Ecuador, RD and Colombia, in turn we handle clients throughout LATAM. We have services of: Recruitment, Coaching, Salary Studies, Outplacement, Psychotechnical Tests, among others.

Contact person:
Carolina Guillen


Comprehensive Logistics Services and Consulting. International Multimodal Freight Transport. Logistics Architecture.

Contact person:
Flavio Diaz

Thornet Corp

Wholesale of recycled rubber products and material for tire retreading.

Contact person:
Elena Canciani


Tourist Consultancies, Tourist Guide

Contact person:
Sharon Marriott

WN IT Consulting

We advise you on the implementation of business intelligence solutions and improve data quality.

Contact person:
William Michael Neuman Lopez

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